Maxis: There Will not be Sims 5 If Sims 4 Fails!

Fans are divided into two major parts, hate and love, appeared along with the release of The Sims 4 to the market. Some gamers feel quite satisfied with the gameplay innovations offered by Maxis and EA in this latest series, especially focus on the emotions that have never been in the previous series. But not a few gamers are actually disappointed with this new direction. Changes in the direction of this gameplay also affects the reduction of various features that could make The Sims 3 look stunning in the past. There is great hope to ask Maxis to clean up in the dragon ball z dokkan battle next series.

This is revealed by one user in the forum The Sims, asks Maxis to consider the various features they want if The Sims 5 a moment glide in the future. But the answer from Grant Rodiek (SimGuruGrant) as a producer of this series would discourage his fans.
Maxis insists that there will never be The Sims 5 if The Sims 4 leads to a failure on the sales side.

Rodiek insists that Maxis is not currently working on The Sims 5, they do not even think about it at all. One is for sure, it is revealed that if The Sims 4 ends up failing, certainly there will be no The Sims 5 again in the future. Unfortunately, Rodiek himself did not specify this statement in detail.

A threat to fans of dragon ball z dokkan battle hacks ? Or just the outpouring of the fate of The Sims that no longer looks “healthy” in the eyes of EA? Will The Sims end up like Dead Space in the hands of EA? How do you think?

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