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George's Training Journal 2009

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Sunday, Dec. 06, 2009:
The 20 Hour Ride was held from 4PM on Saturday, Dec 5th thru 12noon on Sunday, Dec 6th. The 20 hour ride was a great success on many fronts and was welcomed by so many who came to visit the venue to chat, spin and meet the many members of the crew. Toughest period was from approximately 3-5AM but was cleared when Alvin and his crew got me into daylight! Many thanks to the Healthplex for their continued support and to our Project Manager, Mark Collins for his generous support and commitment to excellence in planning and organization. Our next long ride of 22 Hours will be Dec 18 (Fri) thru Dec 19 (Sat). A detailed flyer will be announced soon. All the best and have a great week!

The ride is summarized as follows:   AHR 90 bpm, Avg RPM 87, DST 269 miles, Calories expended 6,232 Total awake time in conjunction with this ride was approximately 30 hours


Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009:
The ride got off to an aggressive start with the first 9 hours going by quite fast as many club members stopped by to chat and ask questions about our operation. Sleep walls were minimal this ride but still struck without warning in short waves throughout the night and early morning. Thanks to many who made donations at the site on behalf of the Fox Valley United Way and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. I enjoyed an interview with a reporter from my hometown of Indiana, PA early on in the ride. Another story to be published in the near future. My finish was an aggressive one with John Wu and Dar, Jael and her daughter coming by for my last few hours. Many folks at the club were inspired to become a part of our team by volunteering on future rides after chatting with me and members of the crew. I was inspired by the countless young folks who came by and were eager to participate. My good friend “Zach”, all the way from Highland, IL was only told by coaches to “warm up” on the “spin” bike before his tennis match which he did and which resulted in his returning to the club the following morning to witness my finish! Welcome aboard Zach! So many thanks to those who came by to ride with me as our night was covered with dedicated folks who simply wanted to do their part and help me through the often brutal hours between midnight and 6am. Jim Ristow, a club member and founder of “The Fitness Buddy”, returned to the venue at 1:30am for his first stint at riding through the night with me. Folks like Jim continue to be inspired by the sincerity of our fundraising effort and the effort being put forth by so many on the crew to reach our goal. There are just so many to thank that I dare not try and list them all for fear of forgetting someone but they know who they are and please know your time and commitment to this and subsequent long rides will be appreciated! Those of you who took the time to introduce me to your kids meant an awful lot, it really did! The pictures I took with many of them will forever remind me of their desire and excitement as they try to fathom how one can stay on a bike and not sleep for over 12 days!

The ride is summarized as follows:   AHR 92.7bpm, Avg RPM 85.7, DST 238.7 miles, Calories expended 5,742 Total awake time in conjunction with this ride was approximately 38 hours


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009:
The 15 hour ride was held at the Rush-Copley Healthplex from 6pm on Sat Nov. 7th thru 9am on Sunday, Nov. 8th. Special thanks to so many who came by the Healthplex at all hours to ride and meet members of the crew. Many of you were active in past events and it was good to see so many of you make it out. The chasing of the clock to midnight seemed to take a while but the hours between 1 and 3am and at about 4am resulted in some heavy walls that were ultimately pushed through but not without sheer determination and the tempered and steady encouragement from those watching my every turn of the wheel. Our philosophy is to attack the night and maintain a steady push to that required 12 miles of distance each and every hour that Guinneess rules are so adamant about. Special thanks to Kathy W and Alvin, Natalie and Lu for making it up to spin despite the recent passing of Kathy’s father, a great man no doubt whose dignity and “fire” is certainly found in the encouragement shown by Kathy at all hours of the ride. Was good to see Marcia, Kathy L, Paul, Brian, Marvin and Clay, Deb and Melissa, John W, Faith and Cesar and so many others come and be a part of the 15 hour experience. The evening was also highlighted by several cub scouts and parents of cub scout pack 89 of St. Joan of Arc, which is a member of Three Fires Council, who is a Fox Valley United Way beneficiary. Pls see this photo of eager Cub Scouts who had so many many questions but who also assured me they’d be there for the ultimate 300 hour April event. We pushed thru to the finish and I was able to accumulate a total of about 35 hours of awake time which will aid me in the ongoing sleep deprivation training that is such an integral part of this event.

The ride is summarized as follows:   AHR 90bpm, Avg RPM 89.6, DST 205 miles, Calories expended 4,524


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009:
Greetings!  It's late Sunday morning and total awake time is rapidly reaching 30 hours at which time, rest will be initiated as a result of a most successful 12 hour ride held last night thru this morning. The hours ticked by quite quickly from the start and getting over the midnite hump came without incident. Test fired a new blend of SUCCEED fuel graciously provided by Karl King, a sponsor of RGR. Great results that yielded an alertness throughout the night with no real hunger cravings for anything other than the fuel. The SUCCEED S Caps (an electrolyte replacement) continue to be a staple each and every hour. Much stronger ride this time as compared to the 10 hour, but hours 10 & 11 were a bit brutal as a cloudy morning yielded no sun and a massive wall that, after going on the offensive as taught to me by my good friend Alvin during the May 08 ride, I plodded through with success. Good music and a dedicated crew on board throughout the ride made this ride a success. Thanks so much to Russ for having the venue and facility ready for training and to the “Air Boss” Mark, Jael, Cesar, Kathy and Alderman Keith for their time on the bikes and assistance throughout. The steady flow of members at the club’s 7am opening was just enough to push the pedals that much faster to a good finish at hour 12. Training continues with a 15 hour ride scheduled for Nov 7th, details to be announced in a future update.

The ride is summarized as follows:   AHR- 89/ARPM-88/Tot DST 161.8 miles/Total Calories expended-3,052


Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009:
Training continues with the scheduled 12 hour ride this weekend at the Rush-Copley Healthplex in Aurora, IL… many of you have indicated your desire to come by and chat, spin for a bit and meet some of the crew…all those local are indeed welcome. We’ll be right inside the main entrance of the Healthplex. While the club will not be open for business as usual, club members, supporters and friends of RGR are welcome to come on by. Training this past week found me participating in the Open House at the Rush-Copley Healthplex by doing 3 and 3 hour rides Sat and Sunday…fighting off a bit of a cold this week as well, but well enough to be ready for this weekend’s second overnight experience and sleep dep training.

Friday, Oct. 09, 2009:
Greetings Friends and Supporters!   A few months back, I returned from a very successful mission to southern Afghanistan where I was doing contract security work and working very close with our beloved Marine Corps to help them in the fight against an enemy who is and will forever be set on defeating U.S. forces and what we stand for. The enemies use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and the organizations behind them only convinced me of the extreme hatred they have for Americans and the ruthlessness with which they will take the life of a young marine, sailor or soldier without ever thinking of the horrific devestation such a loss inflicts on the unit, its personnel and the countless families back home who are left with only memories of what a great son or daughter they once had. It was an honor to have worked with so very many good leaders and some very brave individuals who I came to know and trust during my tour. I miss them tremendously at times especially when I read and hear of the losses still ongoing in Afghanistan . While in Afghanistan, I often went running with a very good friend we’ll simply call “Jeff” and he often helped me understand the bravery put forth by so many young marines and the traditions behind the ceremonies that were often held when the casket was loaded onto the back of an otherwise empty C-17 aircraft for the long trip home to the U.S. We spoke of organizations that exist to help those marines who are wounded and/or killed as a result of the violence we observed in Afghanistan. I was simply inspired by the bravery of these folks and their commitment to my wellbeing during the course of our missions. Upon my return home, I had a little different perspective on things to say the least and I’m forever reminded of so many brave young men and women who still fight the good fight and of those who unfortunately never return home but are never and shouldn’t be forgotten.

As a result, I’ve returned to a rather vigorous training regimen in preparation for a 4th ride for the Guinness World Record on the “spin” bike on behalf of the Rush-Copley Foundation http://www.rushcopleyfoundation and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (IMSFF) The event will be titled” George Hood’s Ride for a Reason”. The goal is to ride for 300 hours over 12.5 days and raise money for the foundation and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. The actual event will be April 11-24, 2010 at the Rush-Copley Healthplex facility in Aurora, IL, who has provided me training time on behalf of this extraordinary event. The fundraising has already begun and my partnership with the Rush-Copley foundation and the IMSFF will be announced soon. My previous record of 177 hours, 45 minutes was surpassed this past January by a friend of mine in Belgium who had consulted with me and subsequently corresponded with me while I was overseas. He set the new mark at 192 hours and I certainly respect his effort. My time on the bike is now increasing in steady increments and an 8 hour ride was accomplished last week and was simply flawless. The AHR was a mere 93bpm over the course of 8 hours and a total of approximately 2565 calories burned. The RGR team and crew are coming together once again to pull off yet another spectacular ultra endurance event which will raise significant money for a worthwhile cause. My fellow personal trainers with whom I work with at a local club here in Naperville have pledged their support much like they did during the May 08 event and I’m continually inspired by their willingness to assist me at all hours of the night and day during the event. They are some great people and they’ve made this particular career opportunity as a personal trainer most rewarding and fun!

I have an upcoming 10 hour ride which will take place Oct 10-11, 2009. Additional long rides are scheduled and will be announced soon as well as donor and sponsorship information. As always, I’m humbled by the generous support put forth by so many to make these events the success that they are. Additionally, friends and supporters are invited to ride with me in the Aurora Veterans Day Parade on Nov 11th. I will also be appearing at a special fundraiser at the Ballydoyle in Aurora on Nov 15th which is being hosted by the Ballydoyle to raise money for the event and to fund the GWR reps who will once again travel to Chicagoland to adjudicate our event in April. Its exciting to see the team come together as it has and the folks at Rush-Copley and the foundation are diligently working on our behalf to make this a success. You’ll be seeing more information soon! Again, its great to reaching out to so many of you and I apologize in the delay in doing so but I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress in this most worthwhile fundraising endeavor! Take care and lets be in touch! Its time to ride!

All the best, George

Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009:
Greetings!   The 10 hour ride was successful and was completed without breaks from 7pm Sat Oct 10 thru 5am on Sun, Oct 11th. I’ve atch’d the stats which reflect a total of 138 miles traveled and about 2923 calories expended, AHR about 93bpm. This ride was the first of what will be several “overnight experiences” wherein my body now begins to adapt to sleep deprivation and being active at a time when it would normally be at rest. Getting over that midnight hump and into the next day is always a good thing but it was obvious that my body was adjusting to the ongoing physical activity it was being subjected to thru the continuous spinning. Upon completion of the ride, I was up for an additional couple hours and accumulated about 27 hours of total awake time in conjuncton with this training ride…one must be careful not to engage in sleep dep to much to soon as this can lead to a premature breakdown of one’s training and the body leading to colds, fatigue , etc…

I was pleased and quite grateful for the supporters that showed up at all hours to chat, meet one another and even spin for a couple hours…very special thanks to Mark Collins, our project manager and coach, Kathy, Marcia, Jael, Caesar, Steph for the photo support, and so many who supported this ride with phone calls, emails, etc.…very special thanks to Russ Zalkin, fitness manager of the healthplex for simply just doing what had to be done to ensure a successful training experience! I also want to thank my Alderman and good friend, Leroy Keith for dropping by with his wife early on in the ride and then surprising me with a return to the venue at about 330am to finish with me. Leroy is spearheading our fundraiser at the Ballydoyle on Nov 15 as well as our appearance at Vets Day Parade on the 11th… This kind of cooperation speaks volumes of the kind of folks that have made up the whole RGR experience over the past couple years and I’m glad we have the team that we do! I truly appreciate all who show their support both with donations and /or sponsorship or simply just being part of the crew because we are all in this for the right reasons.

Our next long ride is Oct 24th at the healthplex from about 7pm to 7am(Sun), details will be announced later, but for now, have a great week and stay inspired!   G

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