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Since it was first announced at E3 2015, For Honor has been a particular concern for gamers who are hungry for the latest genre and not too mainstream. Genre of For Honor itself has a new concept and practically a combination of MMO, MOBA, and fighting style Dynasty Warriors with the theme of colossal war of antiquity.

Prior to the release of For Honor on February 14, 2017, a lot of controversy provoked a negative reaction, one of which was originally Ubisoft promising to be played offline for his singleplayer part, Ubisoft finally changed his mind and made this game requires an internet connection that is always on or “Always online” and will not be playable Clash Royale offline.

Before crew continues to explain more about the game For Honor, it would be nice you can first watch the launch of this game Clash Royale gemmes gratuites trailer.

For Honor is a game that carries the theme of colossal wars. For Honor presents a feud between 3 factions namely Vikings, Knights, Samurai. The third goal is the same, namely to survive. Then, if the Vikings, Samurai, and Knight finally meet on the battlefield, who will win?


In this game the world is told in For Honor turbulent, thus destroying human life. Life sources, like water, are hard to find, so once they find a water source, these three factions will fight each other to get that. Plus there is someone suspected to the fourth party that triggered the war with provocation for peace in this world added destroyed.

Anyway, to reduce the crew spoiler will not explain more in the campaign mode in this game, personally crew rate this mode is less exciting than the multiplayer mode.

For Honor Delivers a very exciting, realistic and thrilling fight that focuses on close-range combat. This melee combat system is described as “The Art of Battle.” You can not be slaughtered here and there to beat your opponent, need the right timing to be more optimal in the fight.


In the game For Honor there are 3 factions in which each faction has 4 types of classes. Samurai have Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi, and Nobushi classes. Vikings have class Raiders, Warlords, Berserkers, and Valkyries. Knights have class Wardens, Conquerors, Peacekeepers, and Lawbringers.

Gameplay mechanisms For Honor can be considered unique and quite difficult if you are not familiar with the game with a close focus and speed is needed to avoid or fend and counter attack attack opponent. This game has 3 booths, namely right, left, and top. Well, the purpose of the stand is to be able to fend off attacks or reverse the opponent’s assault and become a goal in which direction your attack.

Each class you choose will also determine the skills you get after reaching a certain score through kill, assists, or objective points. When playing as a Warden, you can give a temporary buff to your friends, heal yourself, or specify the location of catapult shots, to certain areas of the battlefield. While Oni can throw a kunai, give poison to his katana, or shower the enemy with thousands of arrows.

You will use a weapon that must be at close range according to the class you choose. Well, the game For Honor this you can get a perks or arguably an achievement that later you can redeem to buy in-game items.


For starters, you should choose 1 of 3 factions Vikings, Knights, and Samurai then create an emblem as your profile. Emblem on the profile to distinguish a camp, if the circle means dikubu Viking, if the shield means dikrifu Knight, and if the box then dikubu Samurai. Then you will customize the look of the class you choose.

In multiplayer mode in this game, there are 5 game modes that you can choose. One of them is Brawl mode, this mode is a 2 vs 2 fight, you should be able to slaughter your two enemies to win. Duel, 1 vs 1 fight where you will face to face and kill your opponent to win. Dominion, 4 vs 4 battles where you have to take a certain area and defend it until the game ends. Clash Royale  where you have to finish all your opponents to win.

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