About This Blog

Greetings friends, family and supporters of RideGeorgeRide! The blog you are now commenting on is long overdue and in response to so many who’ve suggested it to me, I wanted to formally announce that my blog is up and running. Special thanks to good friend and supporter Brian Basilico, who led the way in getting the blog up and running. Its my intent is that this will serve as a central collection point for so many updates, comments and thoughts that, up until now, I have had scattered all over the place in countless journals, training manuals and the like….I’ll keep the blog current in so much as my schedule permits and your comments along the way will be appreciated and will only enhance the dialogue I’ve established with so many supporters around the world.

The training and preparation for the April event has been arduous and taking up a lot of my time. I’m still balancing my training schedule with the dog at home, the holidays and my 3 boys who continue to be active and successful both academically and in their own visions for future success. I’m surrounded by many of you who have offered up your support as the training days and the long rides lead us up to the April event at the Healthplex. I’ll continue to share w/you training updates and stats from the Long Rides as well as comments and reflections about the journey I started on so many months ago on behalf of the Fox Valley United Way and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

That being said, it’s Sunday and I’ve got to get in yet another 4-5 hour ride at the Healthplex. The next long ride is this coming weekend, a 22 hour event that will simply test my ability to break at 20 hours and then get back on the bike for an additional two hours to finish. All the best to so many of you both near and far, lets be in touch and have a great week…..