The End and the Man with the Coffee

As I woke this morning at 0230 with a headache beyond belief, I was reminded that one year ago to the day and almost hour, I was waking up from a different sort of headache with the realization that we had fallen short and the April ride was done.  Most of all, I remember those that came by that very early morning; John Wu, Leroy, Kathy, Marcia, Mark, Jim and Jim and probably some others that i cant recall at the moment,  but one that stands out is the gentleman who came by with a warm, kind smile and who was wearing a long coat of sorts, distinguished in a way and who was holding a cup of coffee and who remarked, as best as i can recall, “just brought some coffee by and….I just wanted to make sure everything was ok…”.  He disappeared shortly there after and i’ve never seen him since and I’ve no idea who it was.  After the journey i had just completed, and especially those hours from midnight, when Kathy Weitman, Marcia and the rest saw me do 5 hours straight until about 3AM, perhaps it was just meant to be that a stranger would make his way into the venue to indeed make sure all was well…..for me, for the crew and for the ride.

And so ends a week of reflection on an event that brought so many of us together and for some who forged onto an even greater ride in November…..while the April ride is indeed over, I simply cant forget so many and so much and the beauty of these rides lies in the memories that I and so many others are left with, i perhaps more than some, but thats okay.  I miss it dearly.   I’m really glad for the end that we had one year ago, and the comfort I found in so many who came by in that golden hour after I woke up and before I left the venue.  But especially the man, whoever it was or probably more who he represented, with the long coat and cup of coffee who made sure we were all ok.  And we are……thanks again for the memories folks!

Another early morning awaits me so its off for the evenings rest…..good night.

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