The 80 Minute Plank

The 80 minute plank was held today at X Sport as planned and is conjunction with ongoing training to attempt a personal best of 222 minutes, projected to be done in late August, 2011. I’m going to use my blog here as a journal of sorts so that I might keep track of all the things that went into the execution of the plank today.  I seem to learn more about myself, my core and the ability of the various core muscles to sustain such an effort.

It was a cold and rainy day today but I managed to fight the bus traffic on Normantown to get to the club just after 2pm.  After some light stretching, I assumed the plank position on the floor.  Several clients and friends of mine were present at one point or another during the ordeal and I’m grateful for their support and genuine friendship.  The workup prior to this particular plank included a couple 10 min and one 20 min plank earlier in the week.  I did no cardio today, bike or elliptical…to darn windy and cold to even think about running.  I started the plank at about 2:40pm and I intentionally did not look at the clock for the first 15 mins or so and that seemed to help convince me that I was into this effort for the long haul.  At about the 30-45 min mark, the stiffness begins to set into the shoulders and arms but dissipates as I relax, pull in the core to the small of my back and continue.  My toes did not seem to fall asleep as quick this time.  The effort became a bit more difficult after about the 1 hour mark and I could feel my core muscles and upper thighs getting fatigued as i continued to hold the position.  I was surrounded by several friends who came by to chat and that was a pleasant distraction that seemed to pass the time.  I have to remember to breathe and simply relax if this effort is to continue.   Connie was so inspired that she knocked out a new plank PR of 7 minutes!   Others did additional floorwork above and beyond what they might’ve already accomplished training with me earlier in the day.   As a result of the amount of sweat that seems to pool beneath me, I’m going to consider taking the SUCCEED S-Cap at the next effort to help replace valuable electrolytes and also help minimize the potential for cramping, much like they did during the rides.  I also want to wear a heart rate monitor next time to ascertain how many calories I burn doing such a long plank and what percentage of those calories are “fat calories” .  I also want to see my heart rate pattern the more I get into this thing.   The body is an amazing thing and I’m convinced that if you will yourself to do something, anything is possible. The next effort will be a 95 min plank in about 2 weeks.

I had many clients this morning and was pleased to see that Asad knocked down a 1st class PFT by USMC standards and improved his 3 mile run time by nearly 6 minutes.  The administration of the USMC PFT seems to have gotten the attention of several clients both male and female, who want to train to accomplish the various standards set forth by the Marine Corps for physical fitness.  I’ve also incorporated fitness standards presently in place at the FBI Academy for male and female agents.

And lastly, i gotta figure out why the crossing guard lady continues to park illegally on the side of the street, where it is clearly marked “No parking this side of street” .  Her vehicle poses a real hazard for those of us approaching the intersection. She wont park on the side street located approximately 20 yards to her rear and out of the line of traffic.  AND, I discovered, she lives in the subdivision and drives to the crosswalk instead of walk the 3 minutes it might take to get there.  My guess is she wants to stay warm in her vehicle and minimize the distance she has to otherwise walk from her very nearby home or her car to the cross walk to ensure that the children cross safely including those on skateboards, rollerblades and the like.    So, today’s plank is dedicated to all those out there who’d rather drive to work instead of walk when your appointed place of duty is a mere 3-5 minutes from your home!  Thanks again to the many good friends and supporters who came by to chat, inspire and pass time during today’s plank.  Was great to catch up with Teresa as thoughts of last years ride continue to come and go from my head.   And special thanks to Lisa for the Ginger cookies…a nice treat after i ate this evening.   Will reconnect with Brandon and Andy sometime this weekend and hopefully my oldest, Christopher, who turned 22 this week.  Time for the evening rest now….perhaps additional thoughts another day.

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