One Year Ago

Nearly 4 1/2 months since my last post and while there are plenty of good reasons why I took a break from it all, I’ve missed it.  My blogs were a convenient place for me to put down my thoughts and feelings, ideas and the like regarding the life that  I’ve been living since both rides have ended and what other things I now find myself surrounded in daily.  The blog was started at the suggestion of Brian Basilico at B2B Marketing in the months before I started the April ride last year.  Brian was very successful in launching the whole social media initiative regarding RGR, the website, the event and all that went with it.  His efforts have resulted in connections with so many friends and supporters around the world who I still remain in touch w/today.

I thought  it was fitting to post this tonight after many friends have so reminded me that one year ago we were into the first day of what would be a 175 hour ride on behalf of Injured Marines and the FVUW.  We started at 9pm on a Sunday night and I remember the drama and resultant stress associated with my first break at the 20 hour mark or whatever it was and how that so had to sync w/the River’s already scheduled broadcast from the venue ….we had no such obstacles at the re-attempt in Nov when we rode 25 hours straight!  But today, while training clients this morning at the club, I was constantly reminded by a series of text messages and simply looking at the clock and thinking about where I and so many others were this time last year…..I’ll do that for the remainder of the week I suspect and I trust I’ll have many memories, some good, some not so good and some just simply not worth remembering.   The April ride, unknown to me at the time, was  a mere stepping stone to a greater goal that we achieved this past Fall.   Accomplished with far fewer people, the Fall Ride on behalf of Gunnar Hotchkin was the one that counted, but I owe so much to those friends from the April ride who facilitated my fate, and unknown to me and them, my ultimate success in November.  So, a good way to start this post by simply saying thank you, once again for countless memories I’ll have this week of a wonderful experience one year ago!  And may the ride anthem, Soul Sister, continue to put a smile on your face as you too reflect on the Ride IV Reasons event, just one year ago!

This is going to be good for me, theraputic to some extent, to continue the blog where I’ll offer comment on a variety of things, not the least of which will be keeping all updated on what might be in store down the road.  For now, Christopher, who turns 22 this week,  graduates in May from Governor’s State, Brandon is a Deans List freshman at Western Illinois Univ and Andy graduates from N’ville Central in May and will also be attending Western Illinois this Fall.

I hope this finds many of you happy and healthy and I look forward to your comments and to staying in touch.   Probably the one connection that bears mention and which was just another nudge to get me started again was when I ran into Mark Collins at Springbrook the other day….he was on his bike and came up on me as I got to Book Road….I hadn’t seen Mark in nearly a year, since that fateful early Monday morning when I “crashed”  and the ride was over…..Mark did as best he could for the whole RGR experience considering what he had to work with on the fundraising side of things….it was great to see him and somewhat of a sign if you will, but he pedaled w/me as I ran and I ended up doing the loop w/him riding beside me as we caught up on alot of stuff.   Funny how people just come into your life when you least expect them to and its like the only thing that has passed is time.  Good to see you Mark!

Early morning tomorrow at the club so its off to prepare for the evenings rest.  I’m going to calculate just how many hours of sleep I lost from November 2009 to Nov 2010 as a result of training and subsequently executing two events in the process.  I’m still paying for that I suspect when I wake at 2 and 3am knowing I got to be at the club within the hour to train folks…fondest memories of some crazy nights and I laugh when I think of the nights from the recent November ride with the crew, Preston, Devyn, Emerson and so many others who simply made it what it was by being the great and often creative people they are.  I miss you guys…..I’ll be in touch and certainly more to follow…..night.

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