Another Thanksgiving Past

Well, a Sunday eve and just came off the bike in a cold garage….that will probably bring to an end this Thanksgiving weekend, which affected me on a couple fronts.  I was thankful that I could visit with Devyn and Preston Bokos and the multitude of family and friends that gathered at Michelle and Peter’s house in Hinsdale.  Some familiar faces upon arrival and those that were new to me quickly introduced themselves and I took refuge in the kitchen where all the prep was being coordinated with a center island that was full of various appetizers which quickly took the edge off before dinner. Preston and Devyn finally arrived and it wasn’t long before we all sat down in various rooms and ate.  To many turkeys to count but it was all good and desserts including a Rasberry chiffon pie, which Michelle couldn’t seem to serve enough of as everyone had to try it and i’m glad i did.  Was evident that the kids were pre-occupied downstairs making gingerbread houses which some of them showed off as they came upstairs….i sat at the table and listened to the various comments from sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and took pride in knowing that the Bokos Thanksgiving is trully one of tradition amongst a family I’ve come to know as so very gracious and kind.   Someone remarked that the purpose of it all was so that the kids would always remember and carry on the tradition of family as they got older and into their own lives…..and I liked the additional comment that “happy kids make happy parents” and therein lies the perfect thought to kick off the holiday season-happiness and thankful that I’ve got friends like Preston and Devyn,  and Michelle and Peter who so unselfishly opened up their home to me for my Thanksgiving and having my picture taken as i was seated on the staircase in the foyer with Brax, Remi and Burly just prior to my leaving seemed to remind me of the value we place on such traditions as Thanksgiving for the benefit of our kids and especially at the hands of great friends and parents like Preston and Devyn…so thanks to all of you for making my holiday a little nicer and reminding me to be ever mindful of those elsewhere in this world of ours who are seperated from their families and who would’ve loved to have been on a staircase this Thanksgiving with their own kids.   Cant help but think of Gunnar and how he’s missed by Erin and the rest of that family but I smiled coming home knowing that Gunnar was looking down at many of us this Thanksgiving and thankful himself that he has us here on the ground to continue his legacy so that his kids also can be happy parents and share with their own what i was fortunate enough to share up in Hinsdale.

My boys spent the holiday up north in Michigan….barely got Brandon home from WIU last Saturday and they were all on their way up north.  They got back yesterday.   Had breakfast with Brandon and Andy this morning at the Egg and then Brandon departed for Western with his friends.  Andy seems pre-occupied with papers and projects due at school but he did inform me that he was accepted at Western where he’ll attend next Fall.  Now for the fiscal planning that goes along with all that.

Well, its about time to get a bite to eat here in the house and prep for the evenings rest in anticipation of getting up at 0330 for PT with Ryan at 0430 at the club.  Happy the Steelers won today but they never should’ve been in overtime with Buffalo!  I look forward to sharing additional thoughts as the days and weeks tick by in anticipation of Christmas.  It all just goes to fast and seems to start earlier and earlier each year…I’m thankful I have the holiday to look forward to despite all the commotion that surrounds it.   Have a great week, so many of you continue to be in my thoughts as we cross paths at the club or on the street or pray tell, at the mall!  Be safe out there!

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