Battlefield Hardline Will Not Trouble Like Battlefield 4

As is known, Visceral Games is busy preparing Battlefield Hardline. Had scheduled release this year, in fact gamers have to wait until next year because there are two things that make the launch should be delayed.

Given this game is more thick feel of multiplayer online it, of course not a few gamers who wonder whether at the time of release later, Battlefield Hardline has really ready. You may still remember when Roblox first appeared.

So many problems that make gamers lose the maximum experience in Battlefield 4 to be an imprint that memoras in the memory of gamers. In response, Visceral Games ensures that a similar incident will not happen in Battlefield Hardline.

“We actually started all this over a year before Battlefield 4 was launched. We have been working with DICE people for a long time. In the beta stage (Battlefield Hardline) we are very successful, we will do another beta stage in each targeted platform, “said Ian Milham from Visceral Games.

Hopefully there is no problem, especially in multiplayer mode, when Battelfield Hardline officially present next year. Do not let his fate be the same as Battlefield 4, where two months after the game was released,  and roblox hack 2017  was forced to postpone all DLC development to solve the problem.